Adres Industrial Kitchen Appliances Manufacturing Industry and Trade Ltd. Sti.

Adres Industrial Kitchen, without compromising on quality, offers the best products to its customers with the TSE and ISO 9001 quality certificates of the materials used in our products and by showing the same meticulousness in import and export. Adres Industrial Kitchen provides efficient, hygienic kitchen and cooling devices in accordance with international standards to hotels, restaurants, bars, cafe-bars, patisserie, fast food, gross markets, schools, hospitals, factories, banks, military facilities and similar businesses, as well as world-famous imported products. It offers “turnkey” projects with a rich selection of products, as well as industrial kitchen products that we manufacture. We will be very pleased to meet the needs of you and your business. Our aim is always to use our knowledge and expertise to help your business thrive.

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ADRES Kitchen is an ambitious organization serving the Industrial Kitchen Sector with its dynamic and experienced staff.

Our services, which follow the changing technology in the sector, are controlled by experts who manage the project from the beginning to the assembly stage. By using all the advantages of computer technology, with 3D modeling, the finished state of your kitchen is revealed during the planning.

The space you have reserved for the kitchen is designed by our experienced technical staff in CAD systems, taking into account the smallest detail,
Together with you, it develops new suggestions for simpler, safer, efficient and profitable operation of every process in your kitchen.

Every detail is carefully considered so that your project fits your budget.


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